Saturday, April 17, 2010

library thig #23

It has been quite a journey. My favorite discoveries were photostory and blogger. This program has defenitely made me acquire more knowledge and helped me apply it to my career. I did not expect to do so much researching of Web 2.0 tools and this is only a part of it. It is amazing that there is still so much more! I think the format was wonderful, I would not change it. The program has been very helpful so I would defenitely participate in another one. I am thrilled to have played with Library 2 Play!

library thing # 22

Ning for Teachers is a great tool for collaborating with other teachers. You can find lesson plans, blogs, and even a message board. It even features fashion tips for teachers on a budget!

library thing # 21

Photostory is great for students wanting to share photos/stories of a particular subject. Photostory is a great way for librarians to preview a book with teachers. The one I did is for
upcoming Earth Day.

library 2 play #20

YouTube and TeacherTube are valuable resources for the librarian or classroom teacher to use in
their lessons. We are starting a unit on chicks this week for 1st graders. We have an incubator with eggs. What if the chicks hatch on the weekend? I will show them this video of chicks hatching in case they miss it.

library 2 play #19

It is amazing of the countless web 2.0 tools available in the internet. Before this class, I had no idea there were so many information tools! I really like Google Docs because I'm able to do documents at home and be able to access them at school from any computer. LibraryThing is a very useful tool for the library because it gives you information about books you may want to purchase for the library, such as reviews and recommendations.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

library 2 play #18

An advantage of having free online tools is for example, having a computer that does not come with Microsoft Office. Open Office is highly rated because of the functionality of the data that it provides, it also has extensions such as, dictionaries, most popular, and recent searches. It was interesting to see that Open Office welcomes contributors or monetary donation for more development. One disadvantage in my mind would be the lack of privacy. Even though the only way to access is by logging in, I would still rely on Microsoft Office because it is private and offers backup for your files and it also includes a firewall for blockage. It is basically the one that we all use. A disadvantage of Microsoft Office is the cost.

library 2 play #17

Rollyo really saves time in your searches. I did a couple of searches for Earth Day. I feel much more comfortable when a student has access to immediate results without having to wonder around hundreds of other unreliable websites. It definitely downsizes your searches with your favorite picks.